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Common Questions

What does your name mean?

CyArk comes from the combination of the words "cyber" and "archive", a digital safe house for cultural heritage.

How can I help?

There are three ways you can help CyArk: donate, partner, or volunteer. Go to our Get Involved page for more details.

How can I become a partner?

We have partners in a variety of fields including service providers (photographers, surveyors, etc.), universities and other research organizations and corporations. You can become a partner by going to the Get Involved page and submitting a request. Once the request has been received and approved, they are made official through an MOU (memorandum of understanding) which outlines the terms of the partnership. This can be around a specific project, or based on an exchange of services.

When did CyArk start?

CyArk became an official entity in 2001. Read the full story on our History Page.

How do you choose projects?

CyArk established a CyArk 500 Advisory Council to determine which sites make the CyArk 500 list. The council is guided by seven principles:

  1. Is the site culturally significant and representative?
  2. Is the site at risk from human aggression or environmental danger?
  3. Does our digital preservation method provide unique and compelling value to the site and what are the circumstances under which digital documentation will be beneficial?
  4. Is the site owner/manager agreeable to digital documentation by CyArk?
  5. Does the site represent a geographical region, cultural context, heritage category or historic period that is not now well represented in the CyArk archive?
  6. Will digital preservation of the site stimulate the use of the technology for other sites in the region, or for similar sites elsewhere?
  7. Does the site contribute to the socioeconomic well being of local and stakeholder communities?

CyArk also digitally preserves sites that are local or regional importance. While these sites may not be of universal appeal, they are often very important to the communities that support them.

How many sites have you done and how many are you going to do?

We currently have 50 sites completed, with another 50 in various stages of completion. We would love to document the whole world.

How is CyArk supported?

CyArk is supported by public sector partners including Historic Scotland and the National Park Service, private sector partners including Autodesk, Leica Geosystems, Faro Technologies and Iron Mountain who provide in-kind and cash contributions. CyArk also receives funding from research organizations, foundations, service provider organizations and contributions from the public.