Education News

IBM and Local Teachers Help Bring
El Camino Real to the Classroom!

by Katia Chaterji
January 23, 2014
The CyArk office was bustling this week in preparation for an in-house educational workshop, thanks to the generous support of IBM. Since 2012, IBM has supported the growth of CyArk’s educational cont ... READ MORE

Lesson plan utilizing Chichén Itzá data now online

by Suzanne Delahanty
May 15, 2013
Guest blogger: Suzanne Delahanty MA, works as a high school instructor for Palm Springs Unified School District at Cathedral City High School, and is the creator of the school’s ACE Design & Technolog ... READ MORE

Mount Rushmore Lesson Plans Now Available

by Blaine Kortemeyer
November 8, 2012
This article is written by special guest blogger Blaine Kortemeyer. Blaine works as the Assistant Chief of Interpretation and Education as well as being one of the Preservation Team members for Mou ... READ MORE

CyArk holds Workshop for Tutuveni Digital Preservation Project

by Kristina Sturm
June 23, 2011
This spring, CyArk hosted an in house workshop for the Digital Preservation Project at Tutuveni, a Hopi petroglyph site in Arizona. The project was made possible through the generous support of the W ... READ MORE

CyArk holds Education Workshop

by Kristina Sturm
March 11, 2011
Very soon CyArk will be launching the Digital Preservation Project at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park live on our website. Located along the San Antonio River in Texas, the San Antonio ... READ MORE

The Digital Classroom: Using Interactive Whiteboards with the CyArk website

by Nicole Medina
August 21, 2009
The long, lazy days of summer are slowly winding down...which means that the start of the 2009—2010 school year is just around the corner! The start of a new school year brings fresh opportunities fo ... READ MORE

CyArk Joins COPUS Year of Science: 2009

by Nicole Medina
March 3, 2009
2009 has been declared as the "Year of Science" in the US, a national year-long celebration to engage the public in science and improve public understanding about how science works, why it matters, a ... READ MORE

American History in the Classroom: Tudor Place Spotlight

by Nicole Medina
January 11, 2009
With the United States days away from a historic inauguration, teachers can use this current event as an opportunity to highlight American history in the classroom. Teachers can take their students on ... READ MORE

CyArk Classroom Presentations at Marin Middle School: Maya Mathematics

by Nicole Medina
December 12, 2008
On Friday, December 12, 2008 I had the opportunity to visit two classrooms at Marin Primary and Middle School. Arranged by the Yolanda Escandon, the school technology coordinator, I made two presenta ... READ MORE

Geography Awareness Week Nov. 16-22, 2008

by Nicole Medina
November 14, 2008
During the week of November 16-22, schools in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico will participate in celebrations and activities to celebrate Geography Awareness Week. First established in 198 ... READ MORE

Using CyArk in the Classroom

by Nicole Medina
October 17, 2008
CyArk has a variety of resources that can be used in an educational setting. Whether you're teaching history, math, or science, there's a number of ways for educators to use CyArk in the classroom. ... READ MORE

CyArk at Presidio Teacher's Night

by Nicole Medina
October 8, 2008
On October 1, CyArk presented at the annual Presidio Teacher's night in San Francisco, CA. The event was attended by over 500 Bay Area teachers and dozens of presenters. The theme of this year's ev ... READ MORE

CyArk Education Outreach Events in the San Francisco Bay Area

by Nicole Medina
September 25, 2008
On Sunday, September 21st, CyArk was invited back to the Lawrence Hall of Science to once again present the ever-popular archaeology and erosion activity. The event was hosted at the Lawrence Hal ... READ MORE

CyArk Presents Ancient Engineers Activity at the Lawrence Hall of Science

by Nicole Medina
August 1, 2008
On July 31, the Lawrence Hall of Science hosted a day of events devoted to ancient engineers of the past. CyArk held a special exhibit on Mayan pyramids and erosion's effects on heritage sites, featur ... READ MORE

Build a Sugar Cube Pyramid with CyArk

by Nicole Medina
July 15, 2008
Learn more about Mayan engineering feats and build your own pyramid with CyArk at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA on Wednesday, July 30. As part of the Lawrence Hall of Science's Summe ... READ MORE

CyArk Launches New Education Section on Website

by Nicole Medina
June 18, 2008
The CyArk Education Program has developed a variety of educational resources for educators, parents, students, and the general public. Our education pages currently feature information about the CyArk ... READ MORE

The Digital Classroom: A Free Workshop for Teachers Presented By CyArk

by Nicole Medina
March 31, 2008
CyArk would like to invite K-12 teachers in joining us for a free, one day workshop as we discuss ways to use CyArk's 3-D data and media in the classroom. The workshop will be held Saturday, April 12, ... READ MORE