3DReshaper is a scanner software solution developed by Technodigit. Point-clouds can be processed without any limit in order to provide accurate, light-quality models, even with poor-quality measurements. Modeling becomes essential when you need to keep from acquired data the most relevant points in order to reduce the size of your model, to improve the accuracy of the result by filtering the measurement noise, to compare two shapes or surfaces to know the gap or distance between them, to generate exportable realistic renderings or to carry out reverse engineering.
3DReshaper has specialized since several years in digitalization, 3D modeling and comparison, reverse engineering, reconstruction and control.

With 3DReshaper’s point cloud functions, you can:

  • Import point-clouds regardless of their origin and size
  • Align and register point clouds
  • Reduce and clean the measurement noise.

Automatic point cloud segmentation (golf course)

With 3DReshaper’s 3D modeling functions, you can:

  • Create a 3D meshed model, clean the measurement noise and reorganize the triangles to generate high quality and light-weighted polygonal models.
  • Extract break lines, edge lines and reconstruct sharp edges.
  • Improve (cleaning, smoothing, hole filling, decimation, etc.).
  • Compute volume and cubature.
  • Apply texture(s) for photo-rendered models and export ortho-images.

Texture mapping / mesh improvement (curvature filling)

With 3DReshaper’s measures and contours functions, you can:

  • Extract and reconstruct geometrical shapes
  • Measure and intersect plans, lines as well as meshes.
  • Automatically extract sections (planar, radial, along a curve, etc.).

Feature line extraction, sharp edges reconstruction, intersections…

With 3DReshaper’s control and inspection functions, you can:

  • Compare 2 objects (cloud, meshes, lines, CAD files etc.)
  • Conduct 3D inspection
  • Edit and export inspection labels as well as customizable inspection report.

3D comparison on a hydraulic dam (measured model /CAD model)

With 3DReshaper’s reverse engineering function, you can:

  • Handle IGES/STEP files
  • Generate CAD models (NURBS surfaces).

Nurbs surfaces – sections – mesh –points (reverse engineering)

Technodigit has courteously provided a 3DReshaper license to Cyark, in order to support its cultural heritage preservation mission.

3DReshaper software: easy-to-use and versatile
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