ClearEdge3D is the industry leader in automated feature extraction from terrestrial LIDAR data. The company founders boast many combined years of experience working with LIDAR and computer vision technologies. ClearEdge3D‘s flagship product, EdgeWise™, is the first truly automated software solution for extracting 3D, editable CAD models from terrestrial laser-scan data. With its patent-pending computer vision algorithms, EdgeWise is able to dramatically reduce the time required to create clean, accurate, as-built CAD models. Using this technology, even the most complex models can now be completed in hours, rather than weeks or months. This automated software includes:

  • Support for multiple file formats
  • Interactive 3D visualization of data
  • Customizable display
  • Multiple point cloud decimation routines
  • Interactively select subsets of a point cloud
  • Fully adjustable point classification parameters
  • Automatic classification of ground points
  • Create an optimized ground surface model
  • Auto-classify points by planar surface
  • Automatically extract and clean visible edges
  • Adjustable regularization of polygon boundaries
  • Create clean, solid polygon models
  • Export models to .dxf format

ClearEdge3D donated its software to CyArk to further digital preservation efforts.
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