Computers & Structures, Inc.


Founded in 1975 by company President Ashraf Habibullah, Computers & Structures Inc. (CSI) is recognized worldwide as an innovative leader in the development of software tools for the analysis and design of civil structures. CSI products are licensed to thousands of structural engineering firms throughout the USA and in more than 100 other countries.

The development of CSI software spans three decades, starting with the research of Dr. Edward L. Wilson at the University of California at Berkeley. The revolutionary SAP program was first released in 1970, and Dr. Wilson has subsequently been recognized by national and international engineering societies as one of the preeminent researchers in the field of computer aided structural analysis.

Each of CSI's programs is tailored to specific classes of structures, allowing the engineering community to work at more productive and efficient levels than are possible with "general purpose" type programs. SAP2000 is intended for use on civil structures such as bridges, dams, stadiums, industrial structures and buildings. ETABS has been developed specifically for multi-story building structures, such as office buildings, apartments and hospitals. The SAFE System provides an efficient and powerful program for the analysis and design of concrete slabs and foundations.

Not only is CSI known for analytically sophisticated software, but for unsurpassed product support as well. User support activities include advice on structural systems, interpretation of structural behavior, clarification on various aspects of building codes, and opinions on special modeling problems and other subjects related to computerized structural analysis and design.
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