DIAPReM University of Ferrara


The University of Ferrara was founded on March 4, 1391 by Marquis Alberto V D'Este with the permission of Pope Boniface IX. The Studium Generale was inaugurated on St. Luke's Day (October 18), that same year with courses in law, arts and theology. After the unification of Italy, the University of Ferrara became a free university having Faculties in Law and Mathematics, a three-year course in Medicine (reduced to two years in 1863-64) as well as Schools of Veterinary Medicine (abolished in 1876), Pharmacy and for public Notaries. In the years prior to the First World War the University of Ferrara, with more than 500 students, was the best attended of the free universities in Italy. Today there are approximately 12,000 thousand students enrolled at the University of Ferrara with nearly 400 degrees granted each year. The teaching staff number 600, including 223 researchers.
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