English Heritage


English Heritage is an executive Non-Departmental Public Body of the British government. Their overriding priority is to safeguard for the future the most significant physical remains of our national
story. They are therefore concerned with both the National Heritage Collection of properties, sites and archives in English Heritage’s direct care and the nearly 400,000 buildings, monuments, landscapes and shipwrecks that make up the much wider national collection of designated sites.

English Heritage helps people understand, value, care for and enjoy England’s heritage. They:

  • Advise government on which parts of England's heritage are nationally important so they may be protected by designation and promote the importance of heritage in making places distinctive and valued

  • Advise local authorities on managing changes to the most important parts of England's heritage

  • Care for the National Heritage Collection of 410 historical places, safeguarding them for future generations

  • Educate and entertain the public through the National Heritage Collection and through events and publications

  • Encourage investment in heritage at risk

  • Share our knowledge, skills and expertise by offering training and guidance, giving practical conservation advice and access to their resources.

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