Gauge Point Calibration

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Gauge Point Calibration is a United States based company that is uniquely positioned as the leading tank calibration company in the world, with its industry leading technology - High Definition Survey System. Gauge Point’s HDS System uses the latest laser scanning technology to capture, visualize and model complex structures, including (but not limited) to tanks, spheres, ships, barges, levee systems, etc., with an unprecedented combination of speed, completeness, accuracy and safety. Their HDS System features:

  • Alarm Level & Capacity Calculation accuracy far exceeding industry standards.
  • Can traverse around fixed objects ie: tanks, levees, existing structures, complex piping systems, processing units etc.
  • As-Built 3-D Modeling Digital Files, makes retrofit projects progress more smoothly
  • Auto CAD compatible (additional software maybe needed)
  • Average scan density 1” vertical x 1” horizontal
  • Measurement Accuracy 2-6mm. Over 50m. In Radius
  • API 2.2d Approved for the Petroleum Industry
  • Field of view 360° horizontal and 270° vertical
  • Allows topographic surveys of small sites, up to hundreds of acres, and reduces initial survey costs

      Gauge Point Calibration donated its product to CyArk to further digital preservation efforts.
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