Digital Design Studio at The Glasgow School of Art


The Glasgow School of Art is the 2nd largest art and design community in the United Kingdom. It is internationally recognized as one of Britain's foremost higher education institutions for the study and advancement of fine art, design and architecture. The Digital Design Studio is the largest research department at the GSA, skill sets include expertise in high-definition laser scanning, 3D modelling and animation, programming and project management. Established in 1997, the DDS is a centre for advanced 3D visualisation and interaction research, supported by Scottish, UK and international industrial and academic partners. Through the DDS, the GSA become the first Art School in the UK to hold an EPSRC Research Grant. The DDS has developed research projects with support from the AHRC, SFC and EPSRC. It also has an extensive catalogue of research papers published at international conferences and forums.

Through the development of projects such as the Virtual City of Glasgow (scanning and accurately modeling 23% of Glasgow), the DDS has acquired considerable experience in developing scanning methodologies that apply to the initial acquisition of data through to subsequent interpretation and construction of 2D CAD and highly detailed 3D architectural models. In 2007 it joined the CyArk Foundation and in 2008 signed a formal agreement with Historic Scotland to research and develop reliable methods of data capture, 3D modelling, data archiving and presentation.