Jack London Park Partners


The Valley of the Moon Natural History Association was established in 1977. The mid 1980s saw the formation of the inaugural Docent Council, which has since grown to over 100 active volunteers, as well as the Jack London Beauty Ranch Restoration Committee, which put on community consciousness- and fund-raising festivals and lobbied Sacramento HQ to produce a General Plan for Jack London State Historic Park twenty years ahead of schedule, thus enabling physical restoration to begin. As a result, by the end of 2006 London’s Cottage, a completely refurnished historic house museum, was opened to the public.

In 2006 the Jack London Lake Alliance, a project of VMNHA, began efforts to fully restore the lake and correct severe erosion caused by mismanagement of the lake outflow. Other deferred maintenance projects in Jack London State HIstoric Park include mortar improvements on many historic structures, roof repairs and water services upgrades.

The largest challenge faced by VMNHA came in June of 2011 when the State announced that all three parks supported by VMNH were scheduled to be closed by June 2012. The members of VMNHA quickly came to the conclusion that the closure of Jack London State Park was unacceptable.

In November 2011 we submitted a proposal to State Parks to enter into an agreement to operate the park. This proposal was accepted and resulted in VMNHA creating a special project, the Jack London Park Partners (JLPP) to manage park operations.

Since May 1, 2012, the park has been under JLPP management. The County’s Regional Parks Department is nearing an agreement with the State to operate Annadel State Park and the Sonoma Ecology Center, along with United Camps and Conferences and the Valley of the Moon Observatory now operate Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Although other agencies will operate Annadel and Sugarloaf State Park, the traditional interpretive support provided by VMNHA in these parks will continue.

Over 77,000 hours of volunteer time has been logged by volunteers in the three parks since the inception of Valley of the Moon Natural History Association.
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