Land Grant Surveyors


Land Grant Surveyors is a landscape architecture engineering firm that provides professional surveying service. The United States based firm is comprised of surveyors who identify which surveying services are needed for their clients’ project and how they can save their clients money, protect their clients from litigation or help their clients to keep their projects on schedule. The surveyors employ the most efficient blend of traditional and modern technologies to provide their clients with accurate, high-quality products in a timely manner. In addition to their access to key technologies, they are able to perform many surveys, such as municipal, institutional, commercial, industrial, environmental, agricultural and residential surveys. Their services include:

  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • 3d Modeling and BIM

    • 3D modeling is considered the logical extension of 2D CAD into the realm of 3 dimensions
    • 3D modeling add substance and definition to point clouds, with a streamlining of the realistic effect given by 3D scanning
    • BIM allows users to not just view data in 3 dimensional graphics, but interact with information through those very same graphics

  • Accident & Forensic Surveys

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, which are often required by title insurance companies and financial institutions in real estate transactions.

  • As-Built Surveys, which are surveys that are usually performed at the end of a construction project to verify that the work completed met the specifications on the approved plans.

  • Boundary and Retracement Survey

    • A boundary survey establishes the corners and boundary lines of a specific parcel of land
    • A boundary retracement survey involves researching public and private records of the property in order to come to a proper description

  • Construction Stakeouts, which excavators and builders typically need prior to or during construction.

  • Engineering Surveys, which provides the base maps for a variety of engineering projects.

  • Environmental and Hydraulic Surveys

    • A Hydraulic Survey includes data relating to bodies of water
    • An environmental survey verifies the location of wetlands, wildlife, and other natural environmental elements

  • Farm Preservation Surveys, which is used to map out the boundary of a farmer’s agricultural land.

  • FEMA Elevation Certifications, which certifies the specific flood zone, if any, in which the property is located.

  • GPS Surveys, which uses GPS to establish survey control.

  • Legal Description of Land/Property, which surveyors use for easement creation, right-of-way creation and the legal boundary establishment of each parcel in a new subdivision.

  • Mining, Quarry and Volumetric Surveys, which converts the client’s survey data it into a 2D map and a 3D model that visually represents their site.

  • Rail to Trail Surveys, which allows clients to renovate an old railway line on their property.

  • Structural Monitoring Surveys, which allows surveyors to monitor the client’s structure to see if it has shifted during construction.
  • Subdivision Mapping, which is used to breakdown property into parcels.

  • Topographic Surveys/ Base Mapping, which involves using topographic surveys of a parcel of land to create a detailed and accurate base map that clients can use for engineering purposes.

  • Utility Surveys, which help clients to avoid costly and hazardous utility interferences.

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