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New South is a community of professionals that study culture. We research, excavate, measure, read, and listen to the information that individuals, documents, and artifacts tell us about the past. Our passion is bringing together these pieces into a story that enlivens our collective knowledge of American culture in our home communities, states, regions, and country. All of us have specialties but what really differentiates New South from other cultural resources firms is our ability to bring it all together. In our twenty plus years of business, we are proud to note that our work has crept out of technical reports into popular reports, spilled into brochures, been posted on interpretive signs and posters, presented at conferences and public addresses, appeared in videos, posted to the World Wide Web, and published in professional journals and books.

Our clients are an essential part of our professional community whether we simply provide guidance or project results or actively team to achieve project goals. We are proud of our ability to partner with our clients and agencies to meet project objectives while also contributing to our knowledge of America's past.

We are a community of volunteers. From state Archaeology Months to public presentations to career days, our historians and archaeologists are involved. Many staff members participate with community preservation programs, serving as Historic Preservation Commissioners or members of awards committees. Our staff also supports a number of state, regional, and national organizations in a variety of roles; as editors, board members, committee members, and advisors. We provide financial support to a number of state and location historic preservation organizations. Our commitments and support contributes to the public’s awareness of the past.

Finally, we are a community. New South is a good place to work. We are proud of the feeling of community that our workplace possesses, and we strive to nourish it through training, communication, and positive feedback. Each year, we meet in Stone Mountain as a company to train, talk, and share about what we do. It is two days of noisy, argumentative, scholarly, contemplative exchanges that culminate in a party with family and friends. Valuing the ideas and recommendations of all of our staff and working as a team is the trait that best defines us. We invite you to visit the world of New South.
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