Nolte de Mexico


NOLTE TO MEXICO is a company formed by a group of professionals truly committed to their work. Civil engineers, surveyors, architects and planners who have offered their services to clients in the private and public sectors on both sides of the border since 1949. Always looking for sustainable solutions and providing excellent service to our customers. NOLTE has offices in the cities of Mexico City and Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. In addition to our essential services and civil engineering surveying, we offer a wide range of services for water projects, sanitation, hydrology, traffic engineering, environmental assessments, project management and programming of works.

Some services offered by NOLTE:

• Geometric Design of Roads, Gauze and platforms.
• Network Design of Water, Sanitary, Storm, Electric and Irrigation.
• Hydrology and Flood Risk Studies.
• Hydraulic, Supply, Distribution and Water Treatment.
• Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater.
• Water Reuse.
• Diagnostic studies and environmental impact.
• Sustainable Development Analysis.
• Administration and Supervision of Works.
• Schedule of Works.
• Surveying and Digital Mapping (GIS).
• High Definition Surveying (Scanner).

The value provided by a professional practice with over half a century is the legacy of experience and knowledge. Nolte is committed to using sustainable development practices to reduce water consumption, protect storm water quality, create patterns of responsible land use, improve wildlife habitat, create communities and control cost development.

Vision is defined as a statement of what we want to be in Nolte or where we go as a company.

To be the best Mexican Civil Engineering firm recognized for its innovative sustainable solutions to infrastructure problems in our communities.

The mission is defined as the reason Nolte exists.

Implement innovative sustainable solutions to urban projects and civil infrastructure.

Our values ​​are principles that we are committed to. Our statement of values ​​is an expression of our philosophy and intent of doing business. It not only describes what is important to us as professionals, but also sets the standard that governs our behavior as individuals and our company.

We believe that:

Our strength and future lies in our people.
• Promoting and encouraging professional and personal development of our People.
• We strive to strike a balance between our work and family lives.
• People who work in Nolte are good people and we encourage diversity.

We succeed when our clients succeed.
• We care about our customers.
• We go beyond engineering and project beyond the hand with our client to realize that wants and needs, developing a strong relationship, and providing innovative and quality projects.
• We talk to our customers and, more importantly, we listen.

Everything we do is based on honesty, integrity and personal responsibility.
• Do the right thing even when no one is checking.
• We keep our promises.

We work best when we work together.
• Successful collaboration requires a proactive communication and shared expectations to achieve goals.
• We take this technology to collaborate and develop projects.
• All members have something good to contribute, we always treat them with respect.
• Our success depends on our ability to work as a team.

A creative process results in better solutions.
• It promotes the freedom to think creatively and promote better ways of working.
• We listen and give genuine consideration to new ideas.

We are part of a community and our responsibility to find sustainable solutions in our work, we strive to make things better.

We want to always be a profitable company where our employees can take an equity stake but always keeping as a private company.
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