Plant Engineering and Geomatic Services (PEGS) is a part of the Elcome Group of Companies with HQ at Gurgaon, NCR. PEGS is the first company in India to provide laser scanning services to its clients in India and abroad. In the past few years PEGS has executed more than 100 projects in India and countries like Belgium, Cambodia, Egypt, Malaysia, Morocco, UK, USA, etc.

PEGS has established a state-of-the art 3D modeling center at Gurgaon in the National Capital Region. PEGS specializes in capturing 3D digital data with the help of time-of-flight & phase based scanners. Apart from laser scanning, PEGS also conducts GPS/DGPS & Gyro surveys for various industry segments. PEGS has a dedicated team of surveyors for carrying out laser scanning in the field and post processing the data into different formats as per the client need.
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