Samuel H. Kress Foundation


THE SAMUEL H. KRESS FOUNDATION devotes its resources to advancing the history, conservation, and enjoyment of the vast heritage of European art, architecture, and archaeology from antiquity to the 19th century.

Under the overall heading The Art of Europe in Context, the Foundation sponsors programs that focus upon

• The display and conservation of works of European art and architecture in museums and in the field, concentrating upon original context

• The advancement of European art history and conservation through academic resources, publications, and conferences

• The development of the professional expertise of art historians and conservators through Kress Fellowships

The Kress Foundation is also associated with The Kress Collection, more than 3,000 works of European art that were assembled by Samuel H. Kress and the Kress Foundation between 1927 and 1961, and donated to more than 90 museums in the United States, Puerto Rico, and France.