Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District


Vision Statement
The students and staff of the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District (SYVUHSD) are excited and engaged in the learning process, serious and committed to life-long achievement, provided with meaningful opportunities to fulfill their potential, and prepared as ethical, respectful, informed and productive citizens in a global community.

Mission Statement
To provide, in partnership with the community, a high-quality education that enables every student to graduate and become an ethical, productive, and contributing member of society.

SYVUHSD is partnered with CyArk as a Technology Center through its Environmental and Spatial Technologies (EAST) program. EAST focuses on student-driven service projects through the use of the latest in technology. EAST schools are equipped with classrooms containing state-of-the-art workstations, servers, software, and accessories, including GPS/GIS mapping tools, architectural and CAD design software, 3D animation suites, and much more. Students find problems in their local communities, and then use these tools to solve them.

EAST's focus, however, is not on technology itself, but on the unique learning environment of the EAST classroom. In EAST, students are responsible for creating their own lesson plans. The class allows students the opportunity to get A - G University of California Science credit as well as the ability to learn and use advanced technologies. There are few lectures and fewer tests; instead, the students are guided by an EAST facilitator (a teacher trained in the EAST process). This radically different approach to learning shows tremendous results - students are better-prepared for both college and the business world, and they care more about learning.
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