Scottish Ten


The Scottish Ten is an ambitious five year project using cutting edge technology to create exceptionally accurate digital models of Scotland’s five UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites (WHS) and five international heritage sites in order to better conserve and manage them.

The primary aims of the Scottish Ten project are to:

  • Digitally preserve important historical sites for the benefit of future generations in Scotland and overseas.

  • Share and promote Scottish technical expertise in conservation and digital visualisation.

  • Foster international collaboration and build lasting partnerships that capitalise on cultural connections with Scotland.

  • Provide 3D digital models and data to site staff to better care for the heritage asset.

  • Create digital documentation and accurate 3D surveys of the sites for future development of innovative world class and innovative research, education and management.

The unique partnership of Historic Scotland – the Scottish heritage agency – and The Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio has developed to create the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation LLP to carry out the project and undertake other commercial projects.

The laser scanning measurements allow us to identify problems and rate of decay of the monuments which we can then address quickly. We are also sharing this information with the non-profit conservation organisation CyArk to retain and use to promote interest and engagement with global historic monuments.
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