University of Queensland

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The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of the top 100 universities worldwide, and is also the largest in Queensland, Australia’s third most populous state. The University’s outstanding 200,000-plus alumni include leaders in government, law, science, public service and the arts. UQ has approximately 46,000 students including 11,000 international students from 134 nations, and more than 12,600 postgraduate students.

The School of Architecture is one of five schools within the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) at UQ and offers undergraduate, coursework professional masters and research higher degrees.

Researchers from the School’s Architecture Theory Criticism History (ATCH) research centre and Aboriginal Environments Research Centre (AERC) have teamed with CSIRO, developers of Zebedee 3D laser scanning device, and the State Government’s Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), to map and analyse cultural heritage sites near Queensland’s state capital city, Brisbane since 2012.

Currently researchers are working with CSIRO to further develop the applications of Zebedee and test its limitations and benefits to cultural heritage practice and scholarship. This is being conducted through research projects centred on sites of Indigenous and colonial heritage, in pristine Moreton Bay, near Brisbane. The pilot studies have included a lazaret on Peel Island, the 19th Century Fort Lytton and the former prison island of St Helena.

Photograph: The Peel Island Zebedee scanning team of CSIRO developers, QPWS rangers and UQ researchers, at the Lazaret in 2012.

The school welcomes interest from industry, scholars and potential research students in these ongoing projects.