Wired Science


Take the DNA of WIRED Magazine, the first word on how science and technology are changing the world. Add the giant-robot might of PBS. Result: WIRED Science, a new weekly series that brings the magazine's award-winning journalism, groundbreaking design and irreverent attitude to public television.

WIRED Science combines reportage from WIRED with stories developed by the show's producers to create a next-generation science and technology series - on air, online and in the classroom.

Each week, WIRED Science correspondents take viewers to the frontiers of discovery across the country and around the world, spotlighting the cutting-edge innovations and research that are defining 21st-century culture, and introducing the high-tech mavericks who are making it happen.

The show isn't limited to the airwaves. WIRED Science's online arm features Web-exclusive stories, and expands the broadcast segments with additional video, blogs, columns, and interviews. A lively discussion area and regular contests bring viewers into the action. The website also features a dynamic collection of related science activities for the classroom, developed by leading science teachers - and their students - from across the US.

WIRED Science is a production of KCET Los Angeles, the West Coast flagship station of PBS, in association with WIRED Magazine.
"More than ever before, advances in science and technology affect people's daily lives," says WIRED Science executive producer David Axelrod. "Our goal is to keep our viewers two steps ahead of those changes - and entertain them at the same time."
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