World Monuments Fund


From its headquarters in New York City—and offices and affiliates in Paris, London, Madrid, and Lisbon— WMF works with local partners and communities to identify and save important architectural and cultural heritage sites through innovative programs of project planning, fieldwork, advocacy, grant-making, education, and on-site training.

Through its advocacy efforts, the WMF raises awareness among the public, government agencies, community organizations, and potential donors about the importance of heritage preservation and the threats that heritage sites face. The WMF educates the public and trains crafts and tradespeople in lost arts and modern standards. The WMF provides financial and technical support to ensure the conservation of architectural and cultural heritage sites. Governmental, financial, and technical infrastructures that work to preserve, protect and sustain heritage sites in the long-term are built by local communities with the help of the WMF. The WMF quickly responds to natural and man-made disasters that affect heritage sites to asses damage, undertake emergency conservation, and assist with long-term recovery plans.
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