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CyArk uses a combination of 3D recording technologies to accurately map environments using LiDAR, high resolution photogrammetry and drone imagery. Data from these sources are combined to produce a centimeter accurate and photorealistic model. These models can then provide the basis for 3D environments used in VR applications, providing a rich and immersive experience that can instill a sense of place. We are exploring innovative storytelling in this new medium that brings the rich history of these amazing places to a wider audience. We hope that these experiences inspire wonder and curiosity and compel people to travel and explore some of these amazing places.


Travel to three continents and visit some of the world's most amazing places that span over 3000 years of human history. Discover the fate of the ancient capital of Thailand, the mysteries of a pre-Incan temple in the Peruvian Andes, the astonishing Native American cliff dwellings of Colorado, and the monumental stone carvings of Mt Rushmore in South Dakota. The MasterWorks Museum transports you to four fully explorable environments where you can collect artifacts and learn from archaeologists and scientists as you unravel the mysteries of who built these amazing places and learn about the challenges they face today in a rapidly changing climate. MasterWorks: Journey through History is available now for Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and the HTC Vive.

My Virtual Armenia

Armenia’s medieval monastery at Noravank, nestled amid the craggy slopes of the country’s mountainous terrain, is a striking exemplar of Armenian architectural tradition. Elegant geometrical symmetries abound in its places of worship, and the ancient technique of khachkar—the carving of ornate crosses into steles—is on display outside, where several of the tall stone slabs watch over the complex like holy sentinels. A few miles to the north lies the cave system known as Areni-1, where the earliest known evidence of both human shoes and winemaking was uncovered by archaeologists.The app—now freely downloadable on both iOS and Android devices—is the product of deep collaboration between the Smithsonian, CyArk, and the educational app developer FarBridge


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