Since 1932, Topcon Corporation, located in Tokyo, Japan, has remained true to a vision of technological innovation. Topcon Positioning System's precise positioning is at the heart of the machinery and technology that builds communities throughout the world. Such precision in operation results in superior quality craftsmanship, safer job sites, drastically reduced time on the job site, and reduced labor costs. That's why Topcon's surveying, construction equipment guidance and control systems, and elevation and alignment control lasers, are used worldwide for constructing roads and buildings, bridges and tunnels, shopping centers and airports, homes and schools, and much, much more.

Not only is Topcon the largest company in the world focused exclusively on positioning control and machine control products, software, and applications for the civil engineering and construction industries, it is the world's leading supplier of surveying total stations. Topcon also offers the most extensive line of all types of surveying instruments from completely waterproof automatic levels to fully robotic auto-tracking total stations for one-man surveying.
But, there's more. Topcon's exclusive GPS+ technology is the core of its advanced satellite-based surveying products. This technology allows Topcon equipment to utilize the full constellation of both the GPS (United States) and GLONASS (Russian) navigation satellites. This provides up to 33 percent more positioning information than GPS-only systems, which translates to higher accuracy and productivity.

Innovation and productivity define Topcon's laser instruments and automated machine control systems. By applying many of the positioning technologies used in its total stations, Topcon brought greater accuracy and more efficient performance to all construction laser users. Its machine control systems are recognized worldwide for their seamless integration on all types of earth moving equipment, and for durable, smooth and easy operation.
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