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Scottish Ten

The Scottish Ten is an ambitious five year project to use cutting edge technology to create exceptionally accurate digital models of Scotland’s five UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites and five international ones in order to better conserve and manage them.

The primary aims of the Scottish Ten project are to:

• Record important historical sites for the benefit of future generations in Scotland and overseas.

• Share and disseminate Scottish technical expertise and foster international collaboration.

• Provide digital media to site managers to better care for the heritage resource.

• Recognize international Scottish cultural connections.

Led by Historic Scotland and the Digital Design Studio at The Glasgow School of Art. Funded by the Scottish Government.

The Digital Design Studio at The Glasgow School of Art and Historic Scotland aspire to create a world-leading centre for the digital documentation and visualisation of the historic environment and to realise the benefits for Scotland.

The 'Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation LLP' (CDDV) has been created as the vehicle to deliver cutting edge technology together with renowned expertise from Historic Scotland and Glasgow School of Art. The Centre will promote and celebrate Scotland’s cultural heritage at home and abroad and enhance Scotland’s reputation for developing world class and innovative research and development. It will deliver the digital documentation of the five Scottish World Heritage Sites and five international heritage sites in a project known as the Scottish Ten and will undertake other projects as agreed by the management group to assist Glasgow School of Art and Historic Scotland in achieving their shared aim.

Follow the Scottish Ten on their website and on Twitter.

To learn more about the Scottish Ten, read the National Geographic article published December, 2013.