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Hopi Petroglyph Sites

United States of America
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Tutuveni is an important site along the Hopi pilgrimage route to Ongtuvqa, also known as the Grand Canyon. The site lies west of the Hopi Reservation in Arizona, and within the neighboring Navajo Nation. Meaning Newspaper Rock in Hopi, Tutuveni contains 5,000 petroglyphs of Hopi clan symbols and is the largest known collection of clan symbols in the American Southwest. Among Tutuveni's 150 sandstone boulders are the records of more than 1,000 years of Hopi history and culture.

Dawa Park is another sacred Hopi petroglyph site in the American Southwest. It is located inside a 200-foot tall red rock ridge line. Scattered along the rock faces are 12,000 to 15,000 petroglyphs that date back to the Hisatsinom ancestors of the current day Hopi.

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