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The South Theater in Jerash is located 48 kilometers north of Amman and was built in the late 1st Century AD. Its stage, semi-circular courtyard and gates lead to the actors changing rooms.The facades, niches, columns and orchestra opens to an auditorium divided into lower and upper sections. The lower section consists of 14 rows of seats divided in four parts or blocks with the front seats reserved for the elites while the upper section is divided into eight parts, each having 15 rows of seats. The theatre was documented in 2012 as part of the EU funded ATHENA project (Ancient Theaters Enhancement for New Actualities). The program was first deployed in 2009 and was concerned with the innovation, protection and preservation of ancient theaters across the Euromed region. Inherent as well is making the people, local communities, diverse actors across the Mediterranean more appreciative of the value of these theaters to making them more sustainable for future generations.


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