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Osun Osogbo Sacred Groves

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In September 2019, CyArk and a team from IMISI3D in collaboration with the Adunni Olorisha Trust (AOT) and the National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) of Nigeria documented three monumental structures at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Osun Osogbo. Despite its national and international significance, many of the shrines and art pieces in the Sacred Grove have fallen into disrepair over the years due to a lack of resources. In an effort to revitalize some of the work done by Susanne Wenger, since 2005 the AOT and NCMM have begun implementing conservation efforts on some of the shrines in collaboration with the local community. The documentation completed as part of this project provides a comprehensive and detailed inventory of the current conditions in 2019 as well as a variety of multimedia content that can be used to raise awareness of the site. Aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry and laser scanning were employed at Ilédi Ontòtòo, the assembly hall of the Ògbóni earth cult; Ojúbo Òsogbo, the central shrine for Òsun worship and Iyá Moòpó , a monumental statue and shrine to the goddess of women’s occupations. Over the course of one week, CyArk and four workshop participants from IMISI3D documented the structures and conducted interviews with local artists and artisans in Osogbo.

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